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Our small staff collaborates with board members, fellows, interns, contributing authors and volunteer translators. We also work in coalition with other organizations who share our vision of a more equitable society in which all people have access to healthy, sustainably produced, culturally appropriate food. To learn about opportunities to join the Food First team as an intern, author or translator, please see the links below.


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Interns have played an important role in all aspects of Food First’s work since it was founded in 1975.

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Food First regularly publishes the work of scholars and activists who are interested in reaching a broader audience.

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Food First translators play an important role in making critical analysis of the food system available to broad audiences.


Job Opening:

Publications & Communications Coordinator

Food First is seeking a person to join our organization as a strategic team member who clearly understands the value of trenchant, cutting-edge analyses and a movement-oriented publications and communications project. This person must be committed to ending the injustices that cause hunger and to a radical transformation of the food system.

Food First is a research institute funded by individuals, bequests, grants, book sales, teaching and public speaking. This broad funding mix allows the organization to take a strong, independent stance on food issues and to amplify the voices of social movements fighting for structural change. Using the lens of food sovereignty and food justice, Food First has worked to expose myths about the causes of global hunger and poverty for over 40 years. The Publications & Communications Coordinator has an opportunity to play a significant role in the US and global food movement.

Qualifications for this position include:

* BA and 5 years of research, writing and/or publications experience, or Master’s degree in a relevant field with 2-3 years experience;
* Excellent writing and editing skills for both academic and popular audience/record of publications;
* Press and social media skills (Press releases, Op-eds, Facebook, Twitter, etc);
* Familiar with the political economy of food and agriculture, development studies, sustainable agriculture, agroecology, food sovereignty/food justice;
*Understanding of and commitment to food sovereignty and food justice;
*Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills;
*Commitment to ending racism, sexism and all other forms of oppression;
*Fluency in Spanish, French, or Portuguese and comfortable with public speaking a plus.
Publications & Communications Coordinator job description:

The Publications and Communications Coordinator (PCC) at Food First is responsible for overseeing the organization’s selected publications projects across all Food First Program areas from proposal to publication/presentation. The Coordinator ensures that Food First’s research questions are framed within the concerns of food security, food justice and food sovereignty, ensures that these questions are rigorously addressed, adequately referenced and are presented in a style and language that is broadly accessible to Food First’s reading/viewing public. The Coordinator also identifies and evaluates the potential of existing research publications that may be appropriate to Food First and oversees restructuring and re-edition for publication/ presentation. The PCC reports directly to the Executive Director, aids him/her in the selection of projects and ensures that she/he is apprised of the process and progress of all publications.

Managing publications: 50% time
1. Build and maintain institutional publications capacity: Follow and improve processes and manuals for Food First’s Research and Publications work. Work with Food First contributors to understand and formalize all steps in the publication process. Coordinate with research fellows carrying out or sharing research;
2. Build and maintain a pool of editorial talent and build/manage relationships with editors, proofreaders, designers, distributors, etc.;
3. Manage a ‘research and publications’ budget and publication schedule for Food First’s six core publications: Newsletters, News and Views, Backgrounders, Policy Briefs, Development Reports and Food First Books. Review and edit these publications;
4. Work with Executive Director to develop & implement Food First’s publication priorities;
5. Coordinate copy editing, design, layout and translations with Food First contractors;
6. Coordinate and oversee 1-2 Food First interns involved in research, writing and/or publications support;
7. Coordinate with contributors for the promotion and diffusion of publications;

Generate publications: 20% time
1. The publications coordinator is expected to contribute to the publications program at Food First in his or her area of expertise. This can include developing Backgrounders, Policy Briefs and Development Reports, blogs, tweets, website content or other publications.

Communications: 20% time
1. Public speaking at events and conferences as needed to present publications and support Food First programming – may require some travel;
2. Participate in different list serves, committees and shared projects representing Food First;
3. Curate Food First’s webpage and manage Food First’s social media.

Development: 5% time
1. Coordinator assists the Executive Director with grant writing and concept notes for publications and communications-related fundraising.
Other institutional tasks as agreed upon with Executive Director: 5%

To apply please send a cover letter, resume, 2 writing samples, 3 professional references and salary requirements to jobs@foodfirst.org with the subject line Publications & Communications Coordinator.

This position is based in Oakland, California.

Deadline for submission is March 15, 2016.

Food First is an equal opportunity employer.