As both the “science of sustainable agriculture” and a political project, agroecology works to decentralize power and promote equity and ecological resilience in our food systems. For an introduction to this issue, download our Food First Issue Primer on Agroecology

Cuba 2

Ending Machismo in Cuban Agriculture

Blog | Feb 4, 2016

By Justine Williams[1] Women comprise 45% of the world’s agricultural force, but make up less than 20% of its land-holders,…


Alianza Estratégica Food First – SOCLA

Blog | Jan 6, 2016

Alianza Estratégica entre Food First y la Sociedad Científica Latinoamericana de Agroecología SOCLA La agroecología se ha desarrollado y esparcido…


Material sobre Agroecología en Español

Blog | Jan 4, 2016

La Sociedad Científica Latinoamericana de Agroecología ha puesto a disposición de todos ustedes este rico y útil material sobre agroecología…

agroforestry system

Nyeleni Newsletter no.24

Blog | Dec 15, 2015

Editorial : Forests, Foraging and the Commons About 75 percent of the world’s poor live in rural areas in developing…