International Honors Program

Partnering with the School of International Training (SIT), a global institution which challenges students to engage with an increasingly connected world through social justice and long-term peace, Food First lends its expertise and provides on-the-ground support for their newest program, Rethinking Food Security: People, Agriculture, and Politics.

Working with an international team of experts from the United States, Malawi, Ecuador, and Italy, Food First’s curriculum challenges mainstream narratives on poverty and hunger in the United States while connecting students to local and global organizing and policymaking to fight global hunger and its root causes. Learning firsthand from farmers, organizers, and researchers on the frontlines of the food movement, students see how grassroots communities are challenging systems of oppression and actively creating a more just world.

Exposing students to political and economic theory while introducing them to on-the-ground organizing, Food First’s curriculum centers the experiences, lessons, and solutions of those most affected by hunger so the next generation of farmers and activists can learn from them. After a two-week intensive course in the U.S., students spend the remainder of their semester abroad learning directly from smallholder farmers in Malawi, food sovereignty activists in Ecuador, and food security and trade regulation specialists in Italy.