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Are Foodies Killing The World?

Vicki Hogarth | V.v Magazine | Nov 19, 2014

The quinoa crisis has dominated mainstream media, implicating foodies as the villain in the cautionary tale for a globalized world. Food First Research Coordinator Tanya Kerssen is quoted.

Hank Herrera Plants Seeds for Food Justice

Pamela Stewart | Ignite | Nov 4, 2014

Hank Herrera describes himself as a “food justice freak” on his Twitter. In this case, “freak” means visionary and farmer. Hank doesn’t only toil the land; he also encourages the growth of social action.

The Truth About Quinoa

TeleSUR | TeleSUR English | Oct 20, 2014

Food FIrst Research Coordinator Tanya Kerssen is quoted in this piece on the challenges and opportunities of a growing quinoa export sector in Bolivia.

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