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A Memorable Meal in Cuba

Blog | Tasnim Elboute | Jul 27, 2016

This post is about Food First’s Food Sovereignty Tour to Cuba. To learn more about our upcoming Cuba trip or…

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Arroces dorados y consensos científicos

Blog | Carmelo Ruiz | Jul 15, 2016

El artículo original se puede encontrar aquí. “¡Se acabó el debate sobre los transgénicos! Los activistas alarmistas perdieron y la…

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Golden Rice and Scientific Consensus

Blog | Carmelo Ruiz | Jul 15, 2016

“The GMO debate is over! The alarmist activists have lost and science has won!” Well – that’s the impression one…

Meal of Vegetable soup_quinoa_llama jerkey and barley juice_Photo by Shannon DeCelle

2016 World Food Prize: More Genewashing?

Blog | Ahna Kruzic, Eric Holt-Giménez and Eva Perroni | Jul 5, 2016

Yet again, the World Food Prize has lent its global pulpit to the biotech brigade. On Tuesday, June 28, Drs.…