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Labor, Land and Cooperatives in Cuba

Blog | Zoe Brent | Aug 25, 2010

The Cuban government has consciously incorporated worker cooperatives into its revolutionary project. This is not a discussion about the Cuban…

When Fast Food Fights

Blog | Annie Shattuck and Eric Holt-Giménez | Dec 10, 2008

Burger King’s newest ad campaign, a pseudo-scientific documentary featuring the world’s last “hamburger virgins” as they compare the taste of…

The Great Agrofuel Swindle

Blog | Eric Holt-Giménez and Isabella Kenfield | Mar 26, 2008

In December 2007, the Energy Independence and Security Act passed the House and Senate, and was signed into law by…

Exploding the Biofuel Myths

Blog | Eric Holt-Giménez | Jul 6, 2007

Biofuels are the subject of much heated debate. In the hands of big business, just how green are they? And…