Carmelo Ruiz Marrero ¡PRESENTE!

| 09.24.2016

(1967 – September 6, 2016 Puerto Rico)

Carmelo, a man of integrity, dedicated himself to the preservation of the environment, to agroecology, to food sovereignty, and to the patriotic protection of Puerto Rico. He wrote hundreds of well documented, clear, and objective articles about these subjects, seeking to inform and persuade toward a conscious and organized movement for the construction of a new type of society and world.

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by Otto René Castillo

Carmelo Ruiz Marrero was a journalist and member of the Society of Environmental Journalists (Sociedad de Periodistas Ambientales), a researcher in association with the Institute for Social Ecology (Instituto de Ecología Social), and he founded and directed the Center for Biosecurity of Puerto Rico (Centro de Bioseguridad de Puerto Rico). Carmelo wrote two books: Transgenic Ballad: Biotechnology, Globalization and the Collision of Paradigms (Balada Transgénica: Biotecnología, Globalización, y el Choque de Paradigmas) and The Great Game of Botanical Chess (El Gran Juego de Ajedrez Botánico).

Learn more about Carmelo’s many contributions. Using the following links you can read articles written about various topics.

Agroecology and Food Sovereignty

agroeco-carmelo-4Carmelo believed that the strongest and most powerful alliance between producers and consumers is the alliance created in the food system. For this reason he asserted that agroecology could become a national initiative. He admired the positive efforts and advances that were made in the field, eventually coming to the conclusion that its true limitations are political and economic ones, driven by powerful forces of the capitalist system that impede communities from developing the most pragmatic and fitting food systems for their lives.


Carmelo fought for the rehabilitation of the territory of Isla Vieques, used by the United States for testing weapons of war. He defended biodiversity, opposing the experimentation and production of enormous quantities of genetically modified seeds. He also brought awareness about the environmental and social preservation of Islas Verdes, threatened by the privatization, gentrification, and unregulated construction of recreational and tourist destinations, which displace the local population.

antimperialismo-1Against Monsanto

Carmelo opposed genetically modified seeds and the illegal presence of Monsanto in Puerto Rico. One of his principal arguments was based in the Puerto Rican Constitution (Article 6-Section 14): “The dominion and management of properties by all corporations authorized to work in agriculture will be limited…to a quantity of land no larger than 500 acres”. Monsanto possesses 1,500 acres in Puerto Rico. Monsanto violates the constitution of Puerto Rico!

Monsanto is dead, long live Monsanto Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero

orador-carmel-3Patriot and Defender of the People

Carmelo recognized that Puerto Rico has an unplayable debt and an economy that is unable to meet the basic necessities of its population. His arguments allow us to see that this problem is generated by Puerto Rico’s being a dependent and controlled, unincorporated territory of the United States. He demonstrates and documents the potential that Puerto Rico has to be a territory with its own identity and political independence, in which the population is able to live with dignity, enjoying liberty, justice, and solidarity.



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