A 9-Day Trip to Hawai’i with Altru Vistas

Harvesting at MA'OLauded as the “paradise of the Pacific”, Hawai’i’s beauty enchants foreigners and locals alike. But beyond its beaches, Hawaii also has a vibrant food movement—from pro-surfers advocating GMO labeling to a recent victory in Maui, which passed a moratorium on genetically modified crops. Aloha ‘Aina—meaning “love of land” in Hawaiian—grounds this food movement. This ancient Hawaiian concept has inspired social movements for land, sovereignty and peace, and emphasized ecological and cultural responsibility. Drawing on this powerful concept, Altru Vistas’ Hawai’i Food Sovereignty Tour focuses on the stunning tropical island of O’ahu and explores its movement for food sovereignty in the face of a globalized, corporate food system. US occupation, industrial agriculture, conventional tourism, and militarization have exacerbated conflicts over resources, land and energy and undermined local culture, health and food systems. In the face of these challenges, however, there is incredible resilience and innovation. Hawaiians are increasingly turning to local food and native food traditions, ecologically-based farming systems, and a re-valuing of traditional ways.

Participants can also choose to stay on in Hawaii for the 2018 Sustainable Agriculture Education Association (SAEA) Conference + Ho‘?la ‘?ina O M?‘ilik?kahi Youth Food Sovereignty Congress July 27-29, 2018. Please note this is not included in the Aloha Aina Food Soverignty Tour package; participants must make their own arrangements. For details on the conference program, including registration, accommodations, and scholarships, please visit https://www.hawaii.edu/sustainability/saea-2018/.

Tour Price
$2895 double occupancy
$660 single supplement

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Contact Alyshia Silva for more information at asilva@foodfirst.org or (510) 654-4400, ext. 223