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Food Sovereignty and the Quinoa Boom in Bolivia

Academic Publication | Tanya M. Kerssen | Jul 15, 2013

As both a flagship product in the country’s development plan, and a crop produced by indigenous peasants, quinoa illustrates the contradictions inherent to food sovereignty discourse and practice in Bolivia.

The Struggle for Food Justice in Fair Trade

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Christopher Bacon, Eric George and Kaelin Holland | Dec 1, 2011

For decades small farmers and activists have used fair trade to build collective power. But changes in certification have allowed large corporations to enter this market.

Agrofuels in the Americas

Book | Richard Jonasse | Sep 22, 2009

In the Global South, the rural poor and indigenous peoples are losing their lands, and with it, the ability to feed themselves. The agrofuels trade places poor laborers at the bottom of an export-oriented value chain from which they cannot escape.