Aid Trade & Development

Manufacturing a Crisis: Food Aid in Indonesia

Development Report | A.Z.M. Obaidullah Khan, Anuradha Mittal, John-David Comtois, Marco Mezzera, Vidhyandika Moeljarto and Walden Bello | Jun 1, 1999

Despite widespread reports to the contrary, Indonesia is not suffering a famine.

Twelve Myths About Hunger

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins and Peter Rosset | Aug 1, 1998

Why so much hunger? What can we do about it? To answer these questions we must unlearn much of what we have been taught.

Banana War in the Philippines

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | David Bacon | Jul 1, 1998

This dispute, which could paralyze most of Dole's Philippine banana operations, highlights the possible consequences of economic liberalization in the wake of the economic meltdown in southeast Asia.

Asian Financial Crisis: The Movie

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Walden Bello | Apr 1, 1998

After seeing Steven Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan, I told myself that surely I could manage something better on the Asian financial crisis.

A Bitter Pill: Structural adjustment in Costa Rica

Development Report | Alicia Korten | Jun 1, 1995

Under structural adjustment, export industries received support while corn, bean and rice farmers lost their government sponsored credit and price supports.

Chile’s Free-Market Miracle: A Second Look

Book | John Lear and Joseph Collins | Jan 1, 1995

Collins and Lear present a close examination of the "Chilean miracle," demonstrating how well the "exception" fits the rule: success for the few, disaster for the many.

Chiapas and the Crisis of Mexican Agriculture

Policy Brief | Peter Rosset and Roger Burbach | Dec 1, 1994

The rebellion in southern Mexico led by the Zapatista National Liberation Army is rooted in the profound agricultural crisis of the state of Chiapas.