Global Crises & Global Movements

Responding to global food, fuel and financial crises, social movements are forming new ways of building social power and creating effective, community-based alternatives. For an introduction to this issue, download our Food First Issue Primer on Global Crises & Global Movements

World Hunger: Ten Myths

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins | Aug 15, 2015

In this Backgrounder we encapsulate 40 years of learning and in-depth new research to reframe ten such ways of thinking explored in our latest book World Hunger: 10 Myths.

World Hunger: 10 Myths

Book | Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins | May 14, 2015

From bestselling authors Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins comes the definitive book on world hunger today. Lappé and Collins dispel the myths that prevent us from finding solutions to hunger across the globe.

Critical Perspectives on Food Sovereignty

Academic Publication | Amita Baviskar, Deniz Kandiyoti, Eric Holt-Giménez, James C. Scott, Marc Edelman, Saturnino M. Borras, Tony Weis and Wendy Wolford | Dec 1, 2014

The Journal of Peasant Studies, Volume 41, Issue 6, 2014