Global Crises & Global Movements

Responding to global food, fuel and financial crises, social movements are forming new ways of building social power and creating effective, community-based alternatives. For an introduction to this issue, download our Food First Issue Primer on Global Crises & Global Movements

Growing Climate Justice

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Annie Shattuck | Dec 1, 2009

Climate change compels us for our very survival to create a more just and equitable food system.

Food Rebellions: Crisis and the Hunger for Justice

Book | Annie Shattuck, Eric Holt-Giménez and Raj Patel | Aug 1, 2009

Today there are over a billion hungry people on the planet, more than ever before in history. So why are a handful of corporations making record profits?

What Does Food Sovereignty Look Like?

Academic Publication | Raj Patel | Jul 1, 2009

In The Journal of Peasant Studies, Volume 36, Issue 3, 2009. Hannah Arendt observed that the first right, above all others, is the right to have rights.

12 Myths About Hunger

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins, Luis Espaza and Peter Rosset | Jul 1, 2006

Why so much hunger? To answer this question we must unlearn much of what we have been taught.