Global Crises & Global Movements

Responding to global food, fuel and financial crises, social movements are forming new ways of building social power and creating effective, community-based alternatives. For an introduction to this issue, download our Food First Issue Primer on Global Crises & Global Movements

News and Views Winter 2017

Food First News & Views | | Nov 29, 2017

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Nyéléni Newsletter #30

Nyéléni Newsletter | | Jul 10, 2017

The international Nyéléni newsletter is the voice of the international movement for food sovereignty.  The main goal of Nyéléni is…

The Launch of SOCLA North America

Blog | Stella Carnegie | Dec 1, 2016

On November 17 2016, over 50 researchers, students and farm activists gathered in UC Berkeley’s Moffitt Hall to celebrate the…

Elections 2016: A Message from Food First

Blog | Food First | Nov 10, 2016

Photo by Stephen Melkisethian / CC BY Friends of Food First, Like you, we’re feeling this election’s devastating setbacks; but now more…

Everyone is Downstream

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Hartman Deetz | Oct 31, 2016

The following is the fifth installment in our Dismantling Racism in the Food System series. Click here to download this Backgrounder in full.…