Green Revolution

Rather than increasing food production through land reform and agroecology, the Green Revolution promotes technological intensification using new seed varieties, mechanization and agrochemicals. For an introduction to this issue, download our Food First Issue Primer on the Green Revolution

The Spurning of Monsanto: Tip of the iceberg?

Blog | Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero | Feb 22, 2016

Early this month the Syngenta corporation made history by accepting a buyout bid from the Chinese state-owned company ChemChina. The…

The World Bank’s Long War on Peasants

Blog | Eric Holt-Giménez and Tanya M. Kerssen | Apr 20, 2015

“The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling—their ideas, their version of history, their…

Agroecology and the Disappearing Yield Gap

Blog | Eric Holt-Giménez | Dec 10, 2014

The more scientists actually study agroecology, the better it looks. The largest meta-analysis to date comparing yields of organic and…

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Consumer Education Monsanto-Style

Blog | Devon Peña | May 2, 2014

World Food Prize winner outlines shift in strategy: focus on consumers not just growers Robert Fraley, Monsanto’s Chief Technology Officer…