Land & Resources

A global wave of land and water grabs is concentrating farmland and other food producing resources in the hands of a few, with serious consequences for both rural and urban communities. For an introduction to this issue, download our Food First Issue Primer on Land & Resources

Twelve Myths About Hunger

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins and Peter Rosset | Aug 1, 1998

Why so much hunger? What can we do about it? To answer these questions we must unlearn much of what we have been taught.

Agrarian Reform in El Salvador: An evaluation

Development Report | Martin Diskin | Jan 1, 1985

The "most sweeping land reform in Latin American history" is in reality an inadequate measure to redress the most serious problem facing El Salvador.

Agrarian Reform and Counter-Reform in Chile

Development Report | Joseph Collins | Jan 1, 1979

Five years have passed since the overthrew of President Salvador Allende. This paper asks, What have been the policies of the military junta in the Chilean countryside?