Author Marion Nestle Joins Food First 40th Anniversary Delegation to Cuba

| 04.09.2015

OAKLAND, Calif., April 9, 2015- Called one of the country’s “most established food think tanks” by the New York Times, the Institute for Food and Development Policy—better known as Food First—will celebrate its 40th anniversary this year by leading a historic, invitation-only delegation to Cuba June 13–20, 2015 featuring special guest author Marion Nestle.

Food First has a long history of working with Cuban farmers’ organizations and generating analysis of Cuba’s alternative food system—bringing the victories of Cuban sustainable agriculture to a global audience. Global Exchange and Food First co-organized the first US delegation to Cuba focused on sustainable agriculture in 1992. Food First continues its Cuba solidarity work today through its educational travel program Food Sovereignty Tours.

Marion NestleThis unique delegation will include long-time Food First donors, staff and board members, Food First Executive Director Eric Holt-Giménez, and VIP guest author, NYU professor and public health advocate Marion Nestle (no relation to food corporation, Nestlé). Food First is excited to welcome Nestle, whose pivotal works include books Food Politics and What to Eat, which along with her food activism and teaching have established her as an important voice in the global food movement – she was even named one of the world’s most powerful foodies.

The eight-day tour will explore permaculture programs and agroecological farming in and around Havana. The group will travel to the stunning countryside of Viñales to see firsthand what happens when national policy prioritizes organic farming and meet with the Ministry of Agriculture to discuss what plans are in store for the future of food and agriculture in Cuba.

According to Food First Executive Director Eric Holt-Giménez, “This delegation will not only focus on a timely exchange with our Cuban partners during a fascinating time in Cuban history, but it will also prompt discussion about the broader challenges for the global food system and Food First’s role in building the movement for another 40 years.”

This delegation is closed. For more information about Food First’s Cuba  program, see


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