Food Policy Think Tank Celebrates 40 Years of Shaping the Food Debate and Building the Global Food Movement

| 01.26.2015

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Alexandra Toledo, Development Director
Food First/Institute for Food & Development Policy
398 60th Street, Oakland, CA 94618
Tel: (510) 654-4400, ext. 221

OAKLAND, Calif., January 26, 2015 – Called one of the country’s “most established food think tanks” by the New York Times, the Institute for Food and Development Policy—better known as Food First—celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. The organization will celebrate with a number of special events, publications, and online store promotions.

Founded in 1975 by Joseph Collins and Frances Moore Lappé, author of the revolutionary best-seller Diet for a Small Planet, Food First has gone on to publish over 60 books exploding commonly-held “myths” about hunger and food production. Food First Executive Director Eric Holt Giménez says, “Around the country and the world, we are seeing people demand accountability and justice in their food systems like never before. I am proud to lead an organization that has helped build the exciting food movement we see today.”

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I am proud to lead an organization that has helped build the exciting food movement we see today. – Eric Holt-Giménez, Executive Director

In celebration of its 40th year, Food First will be organizing a number of special events in the San Francisco Bay Area—where the organization is based—and a spring speaking tour featuring Executive Director Eric Holt-Giménez. So far, scheduled tour stops include New York City, New Haven, Atlanta, Ann Arbor, British Colombia, and a number of California locations.

The organization will also host a special panel discussion Wednesday, May 20th from 5:00 to 8:00pm at the Clif Bar auditorium in Emeryville, CA. The event, titled “Spotlight on Food First: Shaping the Food Debate for 40 Years,” is open to the public with a sliding scale suggested donation. In the fall, Food First will host a 40th anniversary gala and auction on World Food Day, Friday, October 16th with art, music, dance, and—of course—food.

In addition to celebrating its rich legacy, Food First’s 40th anniversary activities will highlight the challenges ahead and the work yet to be done to create healthy and sustainable food systems. Raj Patel, Food First fellow and author of the book Stuffed and Starved says, “Want to know what the world will be discussing tomorrow about the food system? Look to Food First today.”

For more information on special events and publications, visit throughout 2015 or contact Development Director Alexandra Toledo.

Download this press release