Food First Delegation to Hawai’i Explores Food, GMOs & Justice

| 04.09.2015


Katie Brimm, Food Sovereignty Tours Program Director
Food First/Institute for Food & Development Policy
398 60th Street, Oakland, CA 94618
Tel: (510) 654-4400, ext. 223

OAKLAND, Calif., April 14, 2015- Lauded as the “paradise of the Pacific,” Hawaii has a vibrant food movement—from pro-surfers advocating GMO labeling to a recent moratorium on genetically modified crops in Maui. Aloha Aina—meaning “love of land” in Hawaiian—grounds this food movement. This ancient Hawaiian concept emphasizing ecological and cultural responsibility has inspired social movements for land, sovereignty and peace.

Drawing on Aloha Aina, Oakland-based nonprofit food think tank Food First will lead its inaugural Hawai’i delegation focusing on the stunning tropical island of O’ahu and exploring its movement for food justice, August 14-22, 2015. As part of the organization’s nonprofit travel program Food Sovereignty Tours, the 9-day guided delegation will explore farms across the island and meet with diverse actors to see how the movement is nurturing the next generation of farmers, community leaders, and scholars to confront challenges such as US occupation, industrial agriculture, large-scale tourism, and militarization.

“This trip is not your average fun-in-the-sun food tour of Hawai’i”, said Eric Holt-Giménez, Executive Director of Food First, “While participants will certainly enjoy O’ahu’s beautiful landscapes and vibrant culinary traditions, more importantly they will meet the people fueling an inspiring island food movement that defends local identity and interests in the face of powerful global forces.”

Participants will have the opportunity to stay on a beautiful biodynamic farm that promotes native youth empowerment. Participants will also visit some of the most significant cultural sites of O’ahu; explore the impact of militarization while visiting historic landmarks such as Pearl Harbor; and learn about traditional food traditions such as taro pounding.

The mission of Food Sovereignty Tours is to build the global movement for food sovereignty through solidarity travel and immersion learning. Food Sovereignty Tours is a program of Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy, called one of the “most established food think tanks” by the New York Times.

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