The Status of Farm Labor Housing and the Health of Workers

| 03.20.2015


Gail Wadsworth, Executive Director
California Institute for Rural Studies

Berkeley, CA, March 19, 2015 –  We are pleased to announce a new report written by California Institute for Rural Studies Founder & Director Emeritus, Don Villarejo, on the current status of farm worker housing and health in the US. Regions discussed include California, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina.

From the preface, ”This report is intended to provide an overview of the scientific literature concerning housing occupied by hired farm workers, and possible associations of exposures of risks to worker health with their place of residence. Implied by this statement is that both the physical status of a dwelling as well as the built environment in which it is located may present exposures that are risks to the health of the residents.

“Direct measures of the current health status of hired farm workers are scant. Even fewer are objective physical examinations of representative samples of this population. Absent such research, it is difficult to determine the relationship, if any, of the housing conditions to health status among hired farm workers.” Continue Reading

The report concludes with a set of 7 policy and research recommendations to further address these conditions.

Like all of our reports, this report is available to read or download, for free, on our website.

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Click here to download the report.