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After her best selling film and bookThe World according to Monsanto, award-winning journalist Marie-Monique Robin presents her newest documentary, Roundup Facing Its Judges, covering the devastating impact of glyphosate-based herbicides used around the world. Roundup Facing Its Judges brings us the voices of the workers, farmers, and communities at the forefront of glyphosate exposure to demonstrate the scale of one of the greatest environmental and health scandals in modern history. Filmed throughout the International Monsanto Tribunal held in The Hague, you will also hear from scientists, lawyers, and doctors who reveal evidence of glyphosate’s dangers while also exposing the consequences of agribusiness’ power over our global food system.

This film clearly illustrates the irrevocable harm of Monsanto’s reckless pursuit for profits. If you are a farmer, worker, or consumer concerned with corporate agriculture’s human and environmental injustices, you will want to watch this documentary.

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The DVD also contains six extras:
1. “When Eating Becomes Hell”: Zen Honeycutt, the founder and director of Moms across America, meets mothers in Chicago
2. “Fatty-liver Disease”: PhD. Michael Antoniou, researcher at King’s College London School of Medicine, speaks about his peer review studies showing that Roundup causes massive kidney and liver damage at low doses.
3. “Outcry over Glyphosate”: interview with Stephanie Seneff, a senior research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on the link between glyphosate and diseases like autism.
4. “Nature’s Revenge”: PhD Don Huber and agronomist Robert Streit explain how weeds became resistant to Roundup in Iowa.
5. “Death Haunts the Fields”: PhD Don Huber holds a conference on “ The impact of GMOs and glyphosate on soils, crops, animals, humans and the ecology.
6. “Danger in Bambiland”:  Wildlife Researcher Judy Hoy has been documenting diseases and birth defects in wildlife for 50 years.

Originally in French, dubbed in English.

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