World Hunger: 12 Myths


Why so much hunger? What can we do about it? To answer these questions we must unlearn much of what we have been taught.


By Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins and Peter Rosset, 1998 (Second Edition)

In this completely revised and updated edition of the most authoritative book on world hunger, three of our foremost experts on food and agriculture expose and explode the myths that prevent us from effectively addressing the problem. Drawing on and distilling the extensive research of the Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First), Lappé, Collins, and Rosset examine head-on the policies and politics that have kept hungry people from feeding themselves around the world, in both Third and First World countries, as well as the misconceptions that have obscured our own national, social, and humanitarian interests. Written in a straightforward, easy-to-read style, World Hunger: Twelve Myths shakes many tenaciously held beliefs; but most important, it convinces readers that by standing together with the hungry we can advance not only humanitarian interests, but our own well-being.

Chapter 1 – Myth 1: There’s Simply Not Enough Food

Chapter 2 – Myth 2: Nature’s to Blame

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Chapter 3 – Myth 3: Too Many Mouths to Feed

Chapter 4 – Myth 4: Food vs. Our Environment

Chapter 5 – Myth 5: The Green Revolution is the Answer

Chapter 6 – Myth 6: Justice vs. Production

Chapter 7 – Myth 7: The Free Market Can End Hunger

Chapter 8 – Myth 8: Free Trade is the Answer

Chapter 9 – Myth 9: Too Hungry to Revolt

Chapter 10 – Myth 10: More US Aid Will Help the Hungry

Chapter 11 – Myth 11: We Benefit from their Hunger (with Fuyuki Kurasaw)

Chapter 12 – Myth 12: Food vs. Freedom

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