Academic Publications

Food Sovereignty and the Quinoa Boom in Bolivia

Academic Publication | Tanya M. Kerssen | Jul 15, 2013

As both a flagship product in the country’s development plan, and a crop produced by indigenous peasants, quinoa illustrates the contradictions inherent to food sovereignty discourse and practice in Bolivia.

The Long Green Revolution

Academic Publication | Raj Patel | Nov 16, 2012

In The Journal of Peasant Studies, Vol. 40, No. 1, 1–63 (2013) Abstract To combat climate change and hunger, a number…

Land grabbing in Latin America and the Caribbean

Academic Publication | Cristóbal Kay, Jennifer Franco, Max Spoor, Saturnino M. Borras and Sergio Gómez | May 2, 2012

In The Journal of Peasant Studies, 39:3-4, 845-872 Land grabbing has gained momentum in Latin America and the Caribbean during the past…