Backgrounders & Issue Briefs

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The Limits of Microcredit: A Bangladesh Case

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Jason Cons and Kasia Paprocki | Dec 1, 2008

In rural Bangladesh, microcredit is not achieving its core goals of poverty alleviation, financial independence, and gender equality.

New Era for Agriculture?

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Marcia Ishii-Eiteman | Jul 1, 2008

What must we do differently to overcome poverty and hunger and achieve equitable and sustainable development in the face of environmental crises?

Biofuels: Myths of the Agro-fuels Transition

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Eric Holt-Giménez | Jul 1, 2007

The question is not whether biofuels have a place in our future, but whether or not we allow a handful of global corporations to impoverish the planet.

Organic Coffee Crisis?

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Devon Sampson, Eric Holt-Giménez and Ian Bailey | Apr 1, 2007

Worldwide, 25 million people earn their livelihoods from coffee, supplying an estimated 500 billion cups of coffee to consumers each year.

12 Myths About Hunger

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Frances Moore Lappé, Joseph Collins, Luis Espaza and Peter Rosset | Jul 1, 2006

Why so much hunger? To answer this question we must unlearn much of what we have been taught.