Backgrounders & Issue Briefs

Water as Commodity: The Wrong Prescription

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Maude Barlow | Jul 1, 2001

Under the current system of market-driven economic globalization, there are no limits placed on where capital can go to 'harvest' nature.

The Last Plantation

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Anuradha Mittal | Dec 1, 2000

Melvin Bishop is among hundreds of black farmers who have filed complaints charging that USDA loan officials have discouraged, delayed, or rejected loan applications because of their race.

Reform of the WTO is the Wrong Agenda

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Walden Bello | Jul 1, 2000

What both North and South civil society should be doing at this point is radically cut down the power of the WTO and reduce it to simply another institution in a pluralistic world trading system.

On the Benefits of Small Farms

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Peter Rosset | Dec 1, 1999

For more than a century, pundits have confidently predicted the demise of the small farm, labeling it as backward, unproductive and inefficient.

Food First Trade Principles

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | Peter Rosset | Oct 1, 1999

Since 1973 the income gap between rich and poor nations has grown from 44 to 1 to 72 to 1. The gap between rich and poor in most countries has grown rapidly, followed closely by deepening social problems.

Monsanto: Food, Health, Hope

Backgrounders & Issue Brief | A.V. Krebs | Apr 1, 1999

Monsanto and DuPont are betting the farm in bids to transform themselves into the Coke and Pepsi of genetically engineered crops.