Beyond the Fence: A Journey to the Roots of the Migration Crisis

Dori Stone | 03.31.2009

Inspiring stories of Mexico’s farmer to farmer movements restoring degraded hillsides and watersheds, reclaiming old methods of seed saving and seed exchange, and incorporating the latest agroecological techniques developed by other farmers and agroecology scientists and practitioners.

Concise explanations of NAFTA, the U.S.-Mexico border fence, maquiladoras, the Green Revolution in Mexico, U.S. agricultural guest worker programs, Mexican government support for agriculture, the U.S. Farm bill, direct marketing by small Mexican farmers, and genetically-engineered corn in Mexico.

Beyond the Fence explores aspects of migration largely unnoticed by the public and mainstream media. These are the root causes and complex realities, the stories and surprising possibilities that get lost in a debate over fences. They are the tales of people’s desperation and irretrievable loss, but also of their growing visions for hope. They are the stories of farmers, politicians and activists on both sides of the border.

Paperback, 96 pages, ISBN 0935028331

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Praise for Beyond the Fence

“Dori Stone travels with an open mind and open heart to investigate the deeper meaning of Mexican migration to the United States, and in her traveling asks dozens of good questions, and often comes up with excellent answers that will be of interest to a wide readership. Many will be inspired to want to take a similar trip, whether by actually repeating her steps, or intellectually, by further investigating the amazing array of urgent issues she explores. The combination of first-hand observation with serious research works beautifully. She not only travels far into Mexico for the issues, but she travels profoundly and always with a good spirit. The book is ideally suited for students, but I can think of few people who would not benefit from reading it.”

—Angus Wright, author of The Death of Ramon Gonzalez: The Modern Agricultural Dilemma 

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