Nyéléni Newsletter #30

| 07.10.2017

The international Nyéléni newsletter is the voice of the international movement for food sovereignty. 

The main goal of Nyéléni is to strengthen the grassroots of the movement by providing accessible material on key issues and creating a space for individuals and organizations involved in the struggle to exchange their experiences and share information. It would not be possible to produce the newsletter without valuable contributions from members of the movement in the form of articles, illustrations, knowledge and suggestions, as well as financial support.

EN       Advancing Food Sovereignty

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This year marks the tenth anniversary of the historic International Forum on Food Sovereignty that was held Mali in 2007.  Nyéléni has since become a space of praxis, to convene, synergise and build forces to strengthen the different conditions for food sovereignty.

As the paradigm of food sovereignty has expanded, so too have threats against it. These threats are being confronted at multiple fronts and levels by the growing global movement for food sovereignty. The recurring crises the world is facing are inherent to capitalism which is adept at re-inventing itself to maintain structural power.

Tinkering with the wiring of the capitalist model will do little good.

What is needed is deep systemic change, a complete paradigm shift from competitiveness to solidarity, from extractivism to respect and from exploitation to dignity. This is the paradigm of food sovereignty, which the global movement is advancing through diverse knowledge, capacities, resources and social bases.

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