Oaxaca, Mexico

Cooking tortillasIn the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca, corn or “maize” has been at the heart of the struggle for food sovereignty for centuries. It is the cornerstone of diverse indigenous cultures and under attack by free trade and industrial agriculture, which threatens to contaminate native seed varieties. Ever since the Spanish conquest, Mesoamerican resistance has been rooted in an intimate knowledge of the natural environment and the management of diverse species of plants and animals. This knowledge allowed indigenous farmers to survive colonialism, neo-colonialism and globalization, maintaining a degree of self-sufficiency and cultural autonomy. This history forms the basis of present-day food sovereignty struggles. On this Food Sovereignty Tour, you will learn about the cultural and historical context of food sovereignty in Oaxaca; build solidarity with peasant communities and peoples’ organizations; and share delicious meals that embody Oaxaca’s history of resistance.

For information about upcoming tours to Oaxaca, contact kbrimm@foodfirst.org or (510) 654-4400, ext. 223