America Needs Human Rights


“America Needs Human Rights provides a cogent analysis of fundamental problems that disfigure our society, along with guidelines for addressing them in a constructive way.” –Noam Chomsky



Edited by Anuradha Mittal and Peter Rosset, Food First Books 1999

The time has come to stand up for what’s right in America. We may be in the middle of economic recovery, but millions of Americans are not sharing the benefits. The growing ranks of those without adequate food, jobs, shelter, or health care challenge our fundamental notions of right and wrong. America Needs Human Rights makes a powerful case that both the letter and spirit of universally recognized human rights are routinely violated in America by government policies that safeguard profits rather than people. Topics includes understanding human rights, basic needs and human rights, the new American crisis, poverty in America, welfare reform and human rights, policy options, and movement building.

See also the companion DVD.

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