LMichael Green

Interim Executive Director

Food First is pleased to announce that LMichael Green has joined the organization as its new Interim Executive Director.  LMichael possesses over 20+ years of international development experience and has worked in leadership roles with Care USA, Africare, The International Partnership for Microbicides and The Accordia Global Health Foundation. LMichael also led the United Way of Metro Atlanta’s fundraising program in achieving record setting donations to advance the organization’s community building work.

As a native of Berkeley, LMichael is thrilled to join Food First in its efforts to address the root causes of hunger and help promote sustainable solutions that make healthy, nutritious and affordable food available to everyone.  Having been raised by a single mother, LMichael cares deeply about the economic challenges many families face in trying to stretch resources to address the family’s needs. In many ways, LMichael views working with Food First as a way to honor his mother by assisting others in her memory.

One of LMichael’s grandfathers was a black farmer in California, thus he has witnessed firsthand the battles small independent farmers face in the US as they seek to retain, sustain and invest in their farms. LMichael has had the opportunity to work with small independent farmers in Africa, Latin America and Asia, who ironically deal with challenges that are very similar to their American counterparts. Joining Food First thus offers LMichael the opportunity to continue his efforts to support small independent farmers, especially BIPOC farmers domestically and indigenous farmers globally. LMichael proudly supports small independent farmers as they seek to grow healthy nutritious food to feed their families, generate sustainable income and respond to the nutritional needs of their respective communities.

In addition to graduating from Berkeley High School, LMichael has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and an undergraduate degree in Economics and Government from Georgetown University. Throughout his career, LMichael has sought to assist organizations in finding ways to achieve sustainable results that quantifiably improved the lives and well-being of families and communities. LMichael brings extensive operational experience to Food First including expertise in strategic planning, business analysis, fundraising, strategic communications, policy development, program management and donor stakeholder engagement.

At a time when stories of food insecurity are increasing exponentially while the stock market reaches record highs, undoubtedly Food First’s efforts to expose injustice are needed now as much as at any time in history. Shining a bright light on a food system that cares more about profit than it does about ensuring the health and wellbeing of people is critically important work and LMichael looks forward to assisting Food First in achieving this mission.