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Welcome to the Institute For Food & Development Policy (better known as Food First) crowdfunding hub, where you can be a catalyst for change. Hunger and food insecurity continue to plague BIPOC communities, and your support can make a significant impact. We need your help and here is an easy way for you to enlist help to support Food First from your friends, work associates, neighbors, and family. This is a turnkey effort that you control and make change in your community. We will provide you with the necessary tools and you can move forward and start advocating for change!

How to Get Involved

At Food First, we rely on passionate supporters like you to fuel our fight for food justice. We need your help now more than ever. There are many ways you can give – activate your network to support our work.

Here are seven impactful ways you can support Food First’s mission:

1. Gift in Your Honor to Food First: Do you have a birthday soon or will you be celebrating another big event – wedding, anniversary, graduation, job promotion, or some other milestone occasion? One way to help end hunger would be to encourage friends, family, and coworkers to use the “in your honor” link on the Food First website to contribute to honor you!

2. Run For Food Justice: Enjoy running 5K’s, marathons, or community races? If so, consider designating Food First as your charity of choice. Or consider setting up your preferred Crowdfunding page so your friends, family, and coworkers can contribute to end hunger while supporting your run. Share your experience at #RunForFoodJustice to inspire others to support your effort and follow your example!! Share event photos so we can give a shoutout via our social IG page @foodfirstorg.

3. Biking for Food Justice: If your passion is cycling that works too! When you participate in a bike race, designate Food First as your charity or set up a crowdfunding page so your friends, family and coworkers can participate. Share your experience using #BikeForFoodJustice to inspire others to join! Send us photos so we can share a special shoutout on our IG page @foodfirstorg.

4. Online Fundraising Campaign: Launch your own online fundraising campaign using your preferred Crowdfunding site… GoFundMe, Fundly, Fundrazr, Facebook, or other platforms. Share why you support Food First’s mission and inspire your network to join you. Use the hashtag #FoodFirst to showcase your fundraising effort.

5. Can I Fundraise This Way… You Bet! This is your chance to create your own fundraiser. Use your talents, passion, and creativity to create a campaign to advocate for food justice. Start by filling out the crowdfunding form and providing details on your campaign. We’ll work together to help you have a successful campaign! We can provide information on the issues related to hunger to help inform and educate your event attendees and inspire action.

6. Fundraise on Your Campus: Can you donate via a workplace campaign? If you can, please consider designating Food First for your donations via your company’s charitable giving program.

Additionally, many organizations allow employees to nominate their favorite charities to receive quarterly or annual one-time donations. If your employer offers this, please nominate Food First for consideration. Email us at to share details about how to get considered for the charitable giving awards offered through your employer.

7. Give Through Your Workplace: Many employers offer easy options for charitable giving through workplace campaigns. Nominate Food First as your recipient nonprofit and double your donation through corporate matching programs.

Ways to Get Involved

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