John Vandermeer

Fellow | Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

John Vandermeer is an author, long time political activist, and a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Michigan.

Monica White

Fellow | Professor of Environmental Justice, Wisconsin-Madison.

Dr. Monica M. White is an assistant professor of Environmental Justice and is the President of the Board of Directors of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network.

Demalda Newsome

Board Member | Founder of Newsome Community Farms, Tulsa, OK

Demalda Newsome runs Newsome Community Farms and the North Tulsa Farmer’s Market, working to empower low-income communities.

Devon Peña

Board Member | Professor of Anthropology, Ethnic Studies and Environmental Studies, University of Washington

Devon Peña is a teacher, farmer, anthropologist and founder/president of The Acequia Institute.

Shyaam Shabaka

Vice President | Founder of EcoVillage Farm Learning Center in Richmond, CA

Shyaam Shabaka promotes sustainable agriculture; public health; and environmental, social and economic justice in low-income communities in the US and Africa.

Bobby L. Wilson

Board Member | President and CEO of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm

Bobby L. Wilson is President and CEO of Metro Atlanta Urban Farm in Atlanta, GA, which he founded as a teaching tool, economic empowerment zone and food production site for the southwest Metropolitan Atlanta area.

Malik Yakini

Board Secretary | Executive Director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Malik Kenyatta Yakini is an activist and educator who is committed to freedom and justice for African people in particular and humanity in general.

Carol Kalafatic

Board Member | Indigenous Peoples' rights activist & independent scholar

Carol Kalafatic (Quechua, Spanish & Croatian) has been collaborating with Indigenous Peoples (IPs) since 1991, as a policy advocate, organizer,…

Dyanne Ladine

Board Member | J.D., M.B.A., L.Ac. Founder of Herban Health, former University Professor in Ethics, Law, Community Health

Herban Health is a nonprofit organization providing tools for and supporting holistic health in medically underserved communities in the San…

Ahna Kruzic

Fellow | Communications Director of Pesticide Action Network

After traveling and working as a teacher and later as a community organizer specializing in online communications, Ahna earned her MS in Sustainable Agriculture and Sociology.

Justine Williams

Contractor|Coordinator of the Land Justice: Reimagining Land, Food and the Commons project

Justine has worked and studied food systems and agrarian justice for the past ten years. She holds an MA and is a PhD candidate.